Logo & Identity Design

Logo Design is science, art, and a lot of sense about design!

The only difference between good design and bad design is nothing, but TASTE!

A well-designed logo and identity design are more than just a design. A logo speaks a million words about the company it represents, and the product it deals in. Not just this, a logo also influences the buying decisions and may change consumer loyalty as well.


Logo Catches Attention

Enhance the character and traits of your brand, company or product with our uniquely handkrafted logo designs. A personal touch with a dash of art element, because if you don’t stand out, you don’t stand at all!


Identity Design Shows Professionalism

Your identity decides how your users and audience see you. Ensure you give them a good first impression! The first step towards success lies in establishing a strong identity, one which can strike a connect with your audience.


Stand out among Competitors with Brand Guidelines

Nurture long-lasting bonds with your customers by letting them know the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ of your brand. Secure the value of your brand with certain parameters. We help you hold onto your valuable customers.


Name Recognition

Often people say, ‘what’s in a name?’ We say, ‘everything lies in the name!!’ We believe that a name can either beautify the persona of the brand, or nullify its essence altogether. 


We’ve learned from the above, that a logo isn’t something that your business just pays for, it’s an asset that you invest in. It offers an exceptional return over time if done correctly and by a professional designer. We are Kraftier Studio, Logo Designers in India. If your business doesn’t yet have a logo or has one that needs some revamping, give us a call right away.

Rebuild a visual identity for spreading awareness about organ and tissue donation, and encourage more and more...
Be Wise, Live Twice

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A tweak tweak here and a tweak tweak there sounds like an easy task but is time-consuming. Worry not, as we can handle all your brand identities and brochure design work on-the-go.

Be Wise, Live Twice

Rebuild a visual identity for spreading awareness about organ and tissue donation, and encourage more and more people to contribute to this cause.
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